M1 To Reclaim Brewster Island

The Adventure Hook

“What a mess!” exclaimed Yori, “My lord, in all my years as Steward to you and your father before you, I have never seen a more embarrassing situation for the Barony.”

“What it is it my friend and trusted advisor?” queried Kordon Unger, 15th Baron of Vindervale.

“The western shore is in complete turmoil my lord,” Yoril continued with sorrowful detail, “The towns along both the shore and the Splitbark River are enraged and starting to say they will refuse to pay their annual tithes. They are complaining that the main roads and trade routes have become unsafe, and highwaymen raid the merchant wagons and steal from travelers indiscriminately. No one has heard from the Guard at Staghead Keep on Brewster Island. The cohort of soldiers stationed on the island have not been seen for weeks and the Town Warden of Gromm swears he saw Captain Halstead’s horse wandering the fields near the main road.”

“Good heavens! The entire cohort – 12 soldiers – is missing, and their captain is presumed dead,” stammered the Baron!

“Indeed, my lord,” stated Yoril, “And there’s more. It’s much worse – we have received an official communication from Jarl Wombar Ironside. The Deepdrop Mining Company, which is owned by the Jarl’s nephew, Shruffle Ironside, has been driven from the silver mine on Brewster Island. According to Shruffle, the mine was invaded by a horde of Kobolds. Shruffle told the Jarl he lost more than half his miners and barely made it out alive himself. Shruffle said he sent word to the Keep but no one responded.  The Jarl states that we are in breach of contract as we promised to protect the mining company in return for a 50% share of the silver ore. He demands we fix the problem or compensate him for his losses.”

“Kobolds! On Brewster!,” shouted the Baron.

“Yes my lord, I know, deeply troubling,” said Yoril.

“This is indeed terrible,” the Baron said shaking his head.

“I am afraid there is more my lord,” cried Yoril.”

“More!” shouted the Baron in surprise.

“Indeed,“ continued Yoril, “your merchant ship, the Golden Boar, it sank my lord – on its return trip from the City of Fallon. It seems the lighthouse on Brewster is not working and the Golden Boar hit the rocks off the coast. A local trapper claims he has seen a strange purple glow at night emanating from near the lighthouse, but the beacon light itself does not operate. And the lightkeeper, Hattie Browne – she usually heads to Culbert Village on the first of the month for supplies.  I sent a messenger to Culbert to speak to Hambro Leatherbottom, the halfling who runs the general store there – Hattie has not been seen.”

“What should I do Yoirl!” asked the Baron distraughtly.

“Well, my lord,” contemplated Yoril,  “the way I see it, something is terribly, terribly wrong on Brewster Island.  My fear is we have lost complete control of the Island. My assumption is the Guard at the Keep are all dead, the mine is truly overrun with Kobolds, and I am very concerned something sinister is happening at the lighthouse.  Purple light suggests magic – dark magic! You could send the city garrison to investigate, but we don’t know what we are up against.  If you send the troops and they are overpowered, we lose the island and we leave the city undefended. My suggestion would be to send out a decree to the local taverns and watering-holes in the city and offer a reward.  Find a group of green, wet-behind-the-ears, adventurer-types who are willing to go investigate what has happened at the Keep and the lighthouse and have them drive the Kobolds from the mine. If they succeed, wonderful; if they fail miserably and are killed, it is no major loss to the Barony.”

“Good idea Yoril,” said the Baron smiling, “let’s find some suckers – I mean heroes – to aid us.”