CL-2 Gjimmy Shamrock’s Publick House

Gjimmy Shamrock’s Publick House is a local legend up and down the east coast of the Province of Jontrum in the Kingdom of Alandar. The Pub is nestled in a natural wooded glade on the Sherriff’s Highway about a quarter of a mile outside of Jasper’s Notch, a bustling town on the main trade route between the Alandar capital and the port city of Greenhaven.

It is a favorite watering hole of locals and travelers alike and on any given night an eclectic group of townies, merchants, teamsters, soldiers, and adventurers can be found smoking, drinking, gambling, eating, and taking in the music and entertainment of travelling troubadours or the crooning and storytelling of the proprietor and Pub’s namesake Gjimmy Shamrock, a happy-go-lucky gnome with a well-coiffed mop of salt-n-pepper hair and a trim beard to match.