CL-3 The Town of Rydon

This module is part of Smiling Orc Campaign Locations Series. It is designed to provide a detailed setting which can be dropped into a campaign to enhance the adventure. While this module will make references to geographic locations which are relevant to areas within other Smiling Orc campaign settings, Campaign Locations are purposefully designed with enough flexibility to be easily dropped into any existing campaign world and the names of locations, non-player characters, and other points of interest can be adjusted accordingly.

The Town of Rydon was established as a trading post in the early days of the kingdom when a group of explorers and merchants led by Horatio Rydon travelled up the Wine River on a mapping expedition. The peninsula that jutted out into the Deer Lake proved an ideal spot for a town with good deep-water access and a geographically easily defensible area. As the town grew, the king commissioned the erection of a small castle on the island just off the peninsula. He chartered the protection of the town and the protection of its port to cousin’s husband, Gregory Fulton. The Fulton family has ever since served as stewards of the town and castle and maintain the safety of commerce on Deer Lake and their sphere of influence on the Wine River.

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